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m(Research SEE

The Zagreb office team consists of experts with years of experience and is focused on the provision of qualitative and quantitative market research services, mystery shopping, point of sales marketing, promotional activities, social network monitoring and other services for clients from different industries, as well as consulting services.

Our team is characterized by the ability to adapt to our clients’ needs and a flexible approach. Apart from market research services, our team provides project planning, execution and evaluation support and consulting services. Our expert team works on every project side by side with our technical service department, which is also behind the latest software for client, competition and mystery shopping monitoring. For the best results it is commonly recommended to combine the two research approaches. While the qualitative methods help design the product or service, the quantitative techniques assess sustainability and define key messages. All those things together serve to help define the idea, product, service or strategy that will elicit the best results and responses from the target groups.

We have an individual approach to every client in order to find the best solution and to maximize investments.


Market Research


Our task in qualitative market research

We organize and run focus groups, in-depth interviews and monitor research participants. At the beginning of every project, we advise clients on all forms of data collection, important planning items and the execution of the project. We set up the tools for our clients and provide them with the complete technical infrastructure. Through a multilevel screening process, we choose the right participants. We also conduct qualitative projects with external participants, customers, employees and other target groups. Moreover, we perform additional, themed activities and continuously report on the project development in order to allow our clients to be able to respond to current developments and to modify their methods of approach and their concepts. Research findings are delivered in a format which allows the clients to generate insights in a fast and easy way.


Our task in quantitative market research

We generate target group-based questionnaires for all platforms according to our clients’ guidelines and contents. Research focuses on eliciting responses that will facilitate and improve the business decision making process. The project team consists of experienced programmers, web designers and project leaders. The data is stored in certified secure data centers. The design is applicable to all platforms, thus making it possible to invite participants via e-mail, text messages, push notifications, QR codes, as well as on location. Via a reporting interface the client can monitor the behavior and the participation results in real time.


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