Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING – It is important to be connected and engaged

SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING – It is important to be connected and engaged

Social media monitoring refers to the monitoring process of brands which are mentioned on social media, blogs, forums, websites with feedback forms, online media, and to a deep analysis of opinions and feelings according to key words and contextual contents.


  • to study online activities of social media users
  • to find reasons for negative opinions, to calculate the number of users who give negative feedback and to determine the level to which this affects the reputation and image of your company
  • to quickly respond to negative feedback
  • to recognize informative topics and their sources, as well as audience coverage
  • to correct tactical actions within your company’s PR activities
  • to manage customer experience
  • to gain insight into business processes
  • to identify possible communication or product flaws based on consumer feedback and to adjust accordingly

Why choose:

1. We analyze and manage your company’s web reputation by competently processing feedback information. We monitor changes in the field and adjust accordingly.

2. We compare your company and your competitors in the market, as well as their reputations. This takes place in three phases

  • Observing and assessing what customers feel about the company
  • Content analysis, coverage assessment, measuring your customers’ feelings, which points to the degree of influence on customers
  • Image management, through a deeper analysis of market trends and the image of the company in its sector

3. We use a “live” dictionary. The dictionary contains thousands of words and phrases we have compiled during our practical research work. We constantly update it with new words. With the help of this dictionary you will find the right review of every product.

4. Automatic analysis. We use a special software for flow segmentation and to build semantic kernels.

5. We process big data manually. We believe that emotional background cannot be defined by electronic means and that adjectives cannot be separated. Only the human brain can notice such nuances. That is why we regard the manual data processing as a mandatory aspect of our monitoring practices. Thousands of brands can be mentioned in a day. This feedback is to be processed quickly, whereby it is necessary to respond to trends and threats, not to every post.